Apartment Painting Project (and other related activities) / 2001 - 2002

Fourteen 11"x17" colour photographs in natural pine frames, One 60" x 40" colour photograph, Handmade replica of a life-size banister

Apartment Painting Project (and other related activities) consisted of fourteen “kitchen size” photos (11”x17”) in natural pine frames, documenting and sampling the colour changes of the banister and bathroom door in my apartment, which I had routinely painted with someone else’s mistinted interior paints. One photo depicting the unpainted state of the space (white banister and white door) was enlarged to mural size (40”x60”). In conjunction with these photos, I replicated the banister in the photographs on site in a Do-It-Yourself style construction, in an attempt to explore the idea of the “home”-making activity in a public, art viewing space. The project reflected my on-going exploration into how the idea of artmaking exists in relation to our daily living (and our various endeavours of "creation"), or simply, my preoccupation with the symbiotic relationship between “how to live” and “how to make art”. Through the combination of elements in this installation, I intended to call attention to these documented or performed activities (whether “domestic” or “artistic”), which spoke about my lifestyle (in this case, confused and two-fold) beyond a mere “style” of living as created by visible and tangible objects.

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